Meghan Lamers
The London native is a University of Guelph student and an elite level triathlete.
Mary Ann Burrows
Mary Ann is another Guelph native who would be a familiar face in the local scene. She's a runner, a walker, and a triathlete! She's a member of the Guelph Triathlon Club, and taught a walking clinic at the store back in 2009!


Robbie Nolan
Robbie has been involved with running in Guelph for over 10 years. His passion for the sport is matched only by his passion for running shoes and by his desire to see running grow within the city. Using his diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services and many years of run specialty retail experience he hopes to help achieve this while working at The Running Works and providing the runners of Guelph with the best experience possible. He's been working at the store since 2012, and has been in running retail since 2007.
Jennifer Cranfield
Born and raised in Guelph, Jennifer lived in Winnipeg and West Lafayette, Indiana before returning home to the Royal City. She started running back in 2000 to help deal with health issues. She started to take things more seriously in 2007 by running with the Better U program while working at the University of Guelph, with a goal of running a 5k before her 40th birthday! She got into triathlon in 2013, with Guelph Lake I being her first try a tri. She started working at the store in 2014.


Andrew Catton
Andrew is originally from London, with a 4 year stop in Loretto, PA before moving to Guelph. Andrew spent his 4 years in Loretto running with the St. Francis University Red Flash, and moved to Guelph to pursue his running carrier with the Speed River TFC. Andrew started selling shoes at the Running Works in 2003, but worked in a few other roles within the industry before returning to manage the store in 2009. He purchased the store in 2012. Andrew also spent 5 years as race director for several local road races, including the Billy Taylor and Guelph Lake events.




Clinic leaders

Mairin Viol
Mairin works full time at her private practice in Guelph as a registered massage therapist, with specialties in sports and geriatrics/palliative care. She is a Can Fit Pro certified personal trainer. Mairin has been a competitive runner, (5k to marathon distances), and is an avid rower and adaptive rowing coach with the Cambridge Rowing Club. Her mission work, along with her medical team experience with The Costal Challenge Expedition Run, Costa Rica and Primal Quest, Montana, has landed her a position into the medical team for the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Games.
Anna Gallina
Anna Gallina is a graduate of both the 5 and 10-km Running Works clinics. She has done several races of those distances and has also added the 15km and half marathon to her repertoire and will be doing her first 25km trail race this fall. She well remembers what it is like to be a beginner runner and as a result makes an inspiring and motivational clinic leader. Anna also has been coaching Special Olympics track and field for the past three years. Her shoe: Saucony Pro Grid Trigon.